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Interior Decorating

This is the fun part of the job!  Paint colors, fabrics, furniture and window treatments - just to name a few - are all part of the decorating aspect of a project. Knowing how to blend colors, patterns, textures and styles together for a flawless look is just as important as being able to interpret our client’s personal style into a design.

Interior Decorating focuses on harmonizing interior finishes and styles with each other and the existing architectural space.  The goal is to create a certain “feel” for the room that meets the client’s personal style and needs.  Clients are often unsure of what their personal style is - this is where the talents of the Designer come in handy.  Spending time talking about likes and dislikes about color, patterns and styles help the Designer determine your individual style.  

It takes a lot of skill to design a room without it looking “designed”.  A common mistake is to make everything match.  This technique has been encouraged by big box stores that sell “room packages” for a single price. A good design has a well balanced eclectic look with a common thread of design style.  

Another common mistake in decorating is to follow design trends and to disregard the classic and timeless designs that have remained the same throughout the years.  A talented Designer will blend in a few of the trendy pieces with the timeless pieces so that the look isn’t dated in five years.  Longevity of your investment is important – unless of course you have a new budget every few years to change your space.

Let's get started! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @decorenvyinteriors or call us at 772-492-6518 to make an appointment! We look forward to transforming your style into beautiful design!

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