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Residential Interior Design

Involving more than just the pretty things, Residential Interior Design requires knowledge and experience in project management, space planning, construction, materials and building codes.  When combined, these tools help to provide a comprehensive plan that will make a project run more smoothly with fewer costly mistakes.

Interior design involves thoughtful integration of every aspect of the home’s functionality, aesthetics and architecture. Thus creating an environment that improves the quality of life, increases productivity and protects the health, safety and welfare of the client. 

Too many times hiring a Residential Interior Designer is the last thought for homeowners when renovating or building a home.  The idea that hiring an architect or builder is enough can lead to forgotten aspects that were never considered.  Architects are trained to make sure the overall structural design of the home is safe, proportionate and pleasing to the eye.  Licensed Contractors and Builders are focused on following local building permit regulations and providing a good quality finished product on time and within budget.

Residential Interior Designers ensure that details like windows, walls, electrical and plumbing locations along with durable materials will work well for the client and easily integrate the furniture plan and window treatments designed for the home.  Getting a Residential Interior Designer involved early on in the project can ensure that these details are not overlooked.

If you are building or renovating, our team of Residential Interior Designers can help you select all of your construction finishes like flooring, bath tile, counter tops, cabinetry and paint colors to create a cohesive look throughout your home. They can also assist in making sure your floor outlets and valve locations are correct before the foundation is poured. We will accompany you to your builder’s selection meetings to make sure you are selecting the best materials and finishes that meet your style, needs and budget.

Let's get started! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @decorenvyinteriors or call us at 772-492-6518 to make an appointment! We look forward to transforming your style into beautiful design!

**Residential Interior Designers are not Architects or Engineers and cannot design a building or provide drawings for permitting.  Residential Interior Designers are not required to carry a Florida State License to practice Residential Interior Design.  An Interior Designer is only required to have a Florida State License if they are to perform Interior Design on nonresidential structures.**

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